Sunday, January 23, 2022

Tickled Pink

She has been a joy and a thrill to watch and nourish. If you were here, you might even hear our conversations. Soon she will be no more but her memories are staying. Back to the bulb form she'll go again, hopefully to show her beauty another time or two. She is my first and most likely my only and has made me more aware of wondrous transformations in nature. Thank you for bearing with my repetitive photos, but I couldn't help making her a special photo project!

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  1. Yes, she is a Beauty!

    Also Yes, she illustrates your View of Life!

    * Live your life, as you choose.

    * Find Joy and Beauty and Fun, every day.

    YOU are and INSPIRATION, my Dear.

    And this, above, is the topic of my post today, Sunday, Jan. 23, 2022

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    "">My post.....

    I seem to have forgotten the *magic* way, to leave a click-able link, properly. But hope one of these will work.

    Thank you!!!!

    Hugs and Love....

  2. 6 blooms on one stalk ? Wowzers ❣❣❣

  3. And, I have enjoyed every one of them!

  4. ...needless to say, I was "tickled pink"!