Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Just Simple

Well, While in the shower this morning I had a big laugh on myself at the end. I threw the washcloth to the sink so I could rinse it out and hang to dry in the living room for extra humidity. This is what is done here! Wouldn't you know that my aim was off and it landed on the new mega roll of TP. We cannot have that! The incident prompted me to write this. Silly me.

Anyway, it made me think of how and why I live like this. By that I mean that sometimes it's a big compromise. Yet....

Who the heck writes about their shower stall? I DO. This old tin thing was installed here in the early 60's and it most likely was a used-before item. That's how my dad got deals and steals. To this day it is functional, but has had repairs and caulking around the interior floor edges as the enameled tin rusts. The shower head might be the one installed in the 60's as well - I don't know that. What I do know is that it is about 1.5" in diameter and the holes are clogging more and more every day with minerals. We have well water here - not filtered. The Mister used to fill a shot glass with CLR and hold it up, submerging the head for several minutes. Then he would poke the holes in the head with a straightened paper clip and it would spray nicer for a few months. He tried many times to twist it off of the pipe but it is frozen there. I simply cannot keep my balance and use my good arm to reach it. A plumber would be needed for that process!

Anyway, more here... My showers last as long as the hot water does. Who cares? I do! I love hot showers especially on my damaged shoulder. I am able - without supports, rails, bench or helpers get the job done and let me tell you I am VERY careful not to fall. Nope! Not gonna! I've figured out how to hang on to the doorway edges without getting water on the floor. I do bring the landline phone in and place it on the hamper within easy reach IF I should need it, but I don't answer calls. I have had visions of falling, not being able to get up, and the hot water running out and the cold water freezing me —you know what would be next. Not gonna fall!

I am thankful to have a shower stall, hot water, and an electric wall heater for the time I use them; also clean towels, clothes, shampoo, and more.  I have a toilet lid to sit on when drying and getting dressed. Just think of people who don't have a home or water or warmth, or a bathroom.  Think HARD! 


  1. This is Life, As It Is Lived. What more perfect topic, for a blog post!!!! Yes.

    Why not more of this? Instead of just the latest recipe, or latest sewing project, or... or... or....

    Not necessarily all the time.

    But more often.


    Real Life!!!!

    And don't falllllll!!!!!!!!

    Merry Midwinter Wishes

  2. We do what we have to do...period!