Sunday, January 16, 2022

Changed Her Name

Joyful Red is now Tickled Pink! She fooled me all seven weeks of watching her grow and develop. I am not at all familiar with this plant and assumed she would come out of her closet as red. NO! Today she showed her true color. After some research, I learned all of the different colors this plant can produce. Actually, I believe she is the "Apple Blossom" variety and am so pleased because that is one of the fragrances my mother loved.
I'm now going to call her "TICKLED PINK" because I love the surprise she gave me! See?
More buds to open!!!!
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  1. OH! Tickled Pink is beautiful! What a sweet surprise and much more spring like than red would have been.

  2. I would've thought pink...mine in the yard has the same bud tint. Love your moniker for it.

  3. Beauty ! Searching for photos of the ones I had in MBeach : )