Tuesday, January 11, 2022


The sun is shining, I'm happy today. BUT it is COLD outside! I ought to tell you that I do not like the cold - inside it's warm - enough - just - I can do this.....

It's 10:30 now, it is quite windy and the temperature is the SAME...Froze my nose taking out the trash for Tuesday pickup. Hadda to do it! Not a wild critter in sight. Not even a person critter!
My cat is climbing the walls. Heat rises, don'tcha know!
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P.S. Cat on the wall knows all!


  1. Any day with sunshine, is a good day! Especially after a bunch of dark days.

    We stay in! We Older Folks. And be glad for it. -smile-

    Other than for putting out the trash. Ugh... And be glad now, that your cabin is closer to road. Less to walk.

    Ding-dang lucky here. Bad weather, our family next door, takes it out and brings cans back for us. Not till Thurs. here, for early Fri. pickup.

    Stay warm...

    Merry Midwinter

    1. I don't walk out there - just put it in the middle of the carport driveway. Pickup fellow walks in to get it!

  2. Sunny here...but cold for our neck of the woods!! Love the kitty climbing up.
    ..and the checkered valance too.

  3. That's way too cold for me! What a blessing a nice warm home is. We are warming up today under beautiful sunny skies.