Friday, January 7, 2022

Oh Well.....

Would you believe that an old Sunbeam humidifier that I depend on here quit its job? I had just put in a new filter, as usual after a two week stint and the fan wouldn't start. I took it all apart, put it back together a table knife, gave that fan a kick through the slotted opening and sure enough, it started spinning just fine.  The next morning the water was only halfway down and the fan had stopped. I dug out the instruction leaflet that I had saved and there was nothing in it to help me. I do keep sales slips stapled to all appliances in a folder. 

Now you might like to know that I bought it on 2/29/14 and the cost was $36.73 plus tax. A filter was also purchased for $10.88. At the time I didn't realize it was a filter eater as that had to be replaced every two weeks when the function arrow turned from blue to red. I soon found out that the unit was no deal but we used it every winter for almost 8 years, and ordering many filters online as no local stores carried any for that model.  

Something else I never realized was that it was a gallon and a half model so when refilling the tank, you had to be very strong. One time the handle broke and it couldn't be lifted into the unit when full. I called Sunbeam and they immediately shipped a complete replacement humidifer, which didn't come with filters. Well I hot-glued the handle back on the old one and continued to use it. After the Mister died, I had to transport the heavy water-filled tank from the kitchen sink to its place at the end of the living room on my rolling walker!  Actually I was GLAD it quit! Humidity is really needed in here during the winter months.

There is more to the story----Recently, in preparation for easier operation, I was able to get two new Crane Cool Mist Humidifiers that don't require filters and only hold half a gallon. I figured one in each bedroom would work. In fact one was put to use right away and I love it. It's quiet and has variable speed settings but best of all it can easily be carried from the sink to the room. Today I put the other to work in the living room area.

THEN... I dug out the Sunbeam that was sent to me as a replacement for the first one with the broken handle and saw that the box hasn't ever been opened! I never even checked on getting a filter supply for it as it didn't come with any. I opened the box and found the filter #. I checked and the internet has the filters. The funny part is now the filters are about $6.00 each plus shipping and tax. The main unit price is listed as $36.99 & shipping and tax. It is a one gallon unit. BACK IN THE BOX IT WENT! ANYONE WANT IT??  FREE! (IT IS NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY STORE NEARBY!)
all above images from internet
Don't forget to order plenty of filters!


  1. No need for more humidity here. But it's awesome that you found more suitable ones that are easier to maintain.

  2. Dang it, lost my comment.... Well I said your present one looks goooood. And we should have one.

    And thank you for commenting that you "REALLY liked your blog with your thoughts and feelings about winter.

    It's so nice to get feedback, on how one blogs!!!!

    And one of the best things about your blog and YOU, is how you deal with life. No moaning and groaning, like so many of we old folks. You keep living your life, and you celebrate all the great things about it.

    What-A-Lesson, for all we old folks.

    And...... For all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Merry Midwinter