Sunday, August 2, 2020

Four at Seven

I climbed out of bed at 7am and wandered into the dining area, looking out the window as I headed for my coffee cup. What did I see? Well, I thought I saw a large brown dog and three puppies on our beachfront lawn. Then my vision and brain got together and I realized it was two doe and two fawns.

Of course the camera was in its bag, all zipped up. Of course It was set to the viewer on the back and not on the eye viewer which I like best to use. As I fumbled to get it adjusted and went to the window to try to capture this herd, the largest doe spotted me and ran. You can see her on the far left of the photo. The little ones stayed to nibble on grassy weeds and the smaller doe remained alert before the four trotted on up the road.

I guess I'm happy enough to have captured their images at all! I didn't even take time to put on my eyeglasses! What do you think?
please click on image to view larger


  1. A beautiful sighting of God's creation. Thanks for sharing ❣

  2. Still a nice shot of the deer. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. What a way to begin the day! Perfect.

    1. You haven't blogged in a while...hope you're okay.

    2. I'm kinda-sorta back in business. Story posted.