Monday, August 31, 2020


It seems as if there were and are several creative artists in my family. By this I mean that I KNOW my maternal grandmother's sister was a true artist of the late 1800 - early 1900's. She painted with oils on canvas. She decorated full sets of Limoges china with flowers and fruits as was THE pastime of young ladies in those days. Her creations were magnificent and many are still in the family. Read about this by clicking on the link at the bottom of this post.  Her sister, my maternal grandmother did fine crochet and designed her own patterns for tablecloths, doilies, dresser scarves and more. My sister did the same, especially with Christmas tree decorations. She was a macramé whiz. My mother made over 50 crocheted afghans and donated or gave them all away! My dad was a singer and two of my sons are guitar players. The art talent shows up in my grandchildren and great grandchildren now, both the males and the females. None of it comes from formal training, but an inner desire to make pretty or useful or whimsical things. My brother is talented in glass art as is his son. A couple of my daughters and granddaughters have very green thumbs. This is art. Writing stories is art. Mom wrote many. A daughter writes. A granddaughter writes. Well let's make that several granddaughters write. I write, and there is a strong creative gene that has carried on for many years. The results are not usually for monetary gain, but for self satisfaction. An outlet, if you will.

I have to chuckle because we all realize that some of our art is both personal and off the wall, so to speak. Here is one just posted recently by a family member, age 31. She has always scribbled and sketched and colored since she was a tiny tot. I  have saved hundreds of her pieces. This one was hand sketched first and then colored on her computer!

Here is another...Sketched from a photo (with permission) and then colored on the computer. 
My point being that all we do, make, create can be called "ART" Here is my latest effort. A little great granddaughter being "Ariel."

Painting on Porcelain


  1. Talents certainly are abundant in your family. I have always thought that good writing is one of the most beautiful of the arts.

  2. Truly amazing family, especially you.

  3. Let's see if my comment works. I tried earlier & got busy. I really enjoyed your family's talents!

    1. I really believe that every family has talents - some more or different than others but all have them.