Tuesday, August 25, 2020

My Succulent

The identification came from a Google research resulting in the following information.

Mini Blue Chalksticks (Senecio or Curio serpens) (Rowley): A tidier, more compact version of the larger Blue Chalksticks. Its finger-like leaves are a deeper blue and grow to 1.0"-2.0" long. They have a powdery coating of protective farina that thickens in bright sun, so the plant can take on a more silvery hue in summer.

Mini Chalkstalks makes a wonderfully low-maintenance, drought-tolerant ground cover in frost-free climates, but it can also overwinter indoors near a sunny window or under a grow light. With time and plenty of sun, it can even cascade from containers. It produces a classic Asteraceae flower: a white pompom made up of tiny, fragrant blossoms.

So now I know.... and I wait for the blossoms to open.