Tuesday, August 11, 2020


If you have ever had a kidney stone you know how painful they can be -  REALLY REALLY REALLY painful!

Heck, I just got my knee back in pretty good working order and then a severe abdominal pain came on. After two nights of being very uncomfortable, I called and got my doctor appointment for a couple of days later. That didn't happen. The pain grew so we went to the emergency department at our local facility. I was admitted. The Mister was sent home. No visitors were allowed.

A CAT scan revealed a stone was stuck in the ureter between my kidney and bladder. I never had one in all of my 84 years. I never want another. It took three days of fluids and medication to be comfortable enough to be discharged, although it might happen again if there are others. Yikes!

I must say I got wonderful attention and care during my stay. I felt privileged to have such good nurses in this great local health system. I must also say, I had no idea that the food servings were so overly generous and most of my choices were thrown away. That hurt too. I don't waste food!

Right now I'm still quite uncomfortable and have a fairly low pain level but am much more comfortable than before.

If you want to see what these devils look like you can research images. There are many shapes and types. Mine had the spurs that dug in every time it moved and was 5 mm in size. (3/16 of an inch) Image from the internet.

See my bracelets?
The good news is that a partial rainbow appeared in the sky across the lake the evening I returned home and I'm sure you know that rainbows give hope. I'll take it as a good sign!
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  1. I am praying that is a good sign for you. My SIL has had stones twice. I hope he drinks more water each day to help keep them away. Take care. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Aww very sorry to hear! Glad your back home! That sounded real painful! Glad you got to see the rainbow!

  3. I just felt that you were gut told me. I'm glad to know that you will now be on the mend, and hope no more appear. Take it easy.