Sunday, August 16, 2020

Season's Best

I asked the Mister if he would drive out to our favorite farm market and pick up a couple of melons along with corn that he craves. I asked him to get one small cantaloupe and one small watermelon. What did he come home with? He said the cantaloupe were all very large so he chose the smallest of the large ones. The watermelon was just right, small but not tiny or overly large either. The cantaloupe was H U G E!!

It was heavy and gave me a hard time, rolling around in my large sink when scrubbing down the rind, which had already been washed. (I always do it again myself.) Then, cutting and cubing the flesh took effort and quite a time to complete, but - but - IT WAS WORTH IT!  Critters high up in the woods will have a glorious time munching on the remains! Shared and enjoyed by all. YUM! 


  1. the watermelon season is pretty darned done with here (ya green house melons, but I don't even bother). cantaloupe is great still, but soon that season, too, will be over for another year.

  2. Nice! I love eating fresh fruit!