Wednesday, August 26, 2020

PA Tomatoes

Compared with the huge beautiful crop our daughter in NJ grew this year, our daughter in PA, who started them all from seeds didn't have such success, but it wasn't a total failure either. She has been making sauce all this week. Her tomatoes were small but still very sweet and tasty. Her neighbor grew the largest one (below) from her shared seedling but it grew against the fence and became the "mother" of our 2021 crop. (There are very few seeds to save from this meaty variety.)

This is the PA garden. Sad sight! BUT....she saved three for us.

Better late than never! These are a yearly treasure.


  1. ...can't beat the flavor of homegrown

  2. I have a lot of cracking tomatoes in South Central pa. but still enjoy growing them.

  3. ps...yes, I DO see the dragon in your g-daughter's postit notes