Sunday, August 23, 2020


Now this is not about spiritual nor mental growth. It is just a simple and natural exploration of plants and flowers. Last year I took a leaf from the tuberous begonia plant that I bought at the local farm market and experimented with the starting of a new one for the following year.  This was a successful endeavor, although it took almost a complete year for achievement.

September 19, 2019

Now I have a puzzle. When I bought this succulent there was no tag telling me its name or care.
It hasn't grown until about a week ago when it sported this extension. After research, I think it is a non-flowering "Chalk Stick" or "Nola's Pride." I'm not sure if this is a flower stalk or something else. AND... I see another something growing at the base. Is it self-propagating? Does anyone know?
please click on image for finer detail

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  1. I have no idea...I do know a century plant blooms/dies off, but is reborn again at its base. Your red blossoms are stunning.