Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wild Things

Feral? Or not feral? are the questions. Today on my golf car ride I spotted this beautiful creature hiding in the bushes by the roadside. I spent several minutes trying to coax it out seeing that it looked to be in fine furry shape. It finally came out but then ran across the road and across the lawn to the waters' edge. The area was not at all near homes but I think someone must be feeding it. There was no way I could determine if it was male or female because it kept a distance and was a bit fearful acting but also showed a slight inclination of being somewhat friendly at the same time. This is the second one I've spotted recently.
Now the fernlike leafy growths in the old rock garden have blooms and I've finally determined what they are. In August I took a close shot of the leaves and no one could tell me. First image. Now that I have flowers I can be sure. I was confused because there are several varieties with different leaf structure. See the link below for more about Common Tansy.

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  1. Nothing more pretty than blossoms in the Fall!!
    And your kitty looks well fed.

  2. We have a cat in the neighborhood but I don't know if it belongs to somebody or is out scrapping around on it's own. Like the one you show it appears to be well fed but it has just shown up in the neighborhood. Maybe it's just a cat who recently purchased a house 'round these here parts.