Thursday, September 28, 2017

I Am a Vase

I Am a Vase

All containers hold things but not all containers are vases. I am a vase. I hold things. I am top heavy and have a chip on my shoulder. Oops, change that! I have a chip on my bottom. I once was shiny and in perfect condition. I used to sparkle and glow. Now the glow is gone and the sparkle has burned itself out. 

When new I actually was the centerpiece of a gathering to celebrate 50 years of marriage. That was in 1946. Since then I sat around in several different places and have landed in Tranquillity. 

I am a vase. I see things and I remember things. I am dusty and in a dark hole. If I come out, will you love me? Will you? I hold memories too good to lose. I hold memories that won’t leave. I am a container. A pretty container. A pretty functional container still. Ageless at 71 - or is it 81?

~GMR 2017~
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  1. VERY poetic!

    ...and a beautiful piece

  2. A bit of nice creative writing! Who knows what that vase has seen and heard?