Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Beauties and the Beast

On my golf car ride around the lake this morning in the heat of this unusual September day I spied something I had never seen before, and then I saw something that I never want to see again. There is a lovely old and healthy white pine conifer standing tall. I looked up and the open woody cones were sparkling like diamonds which were attached to their scales. I took pictures, and when I looked closer at home, I realized that the sap was flowing and dripping from them. I hope you can see this when you look closely as I have cropped and enlarged the images. The tree was weeping.
click on image to view larger
Then, farther on at the "far end" of the lake where the sign identifies our community, I spotted -  way deep in the bushes - a blue flower, I thought.  It didn't look natural but was in a place where I couldn't get closer so I zoomed in and, when I uploaded my unusual "flower pictures," I was saddened to see it was only blue plastic. It was in at least four different places among the shrubs and grasses. (NOT in the lake, thank goodness!)  The more I looked the angrier I became because I believe that someone is tossing their filled doggie bag in that area as he or she walks around before going home. Who would do this? I despise this action and the person doing it.


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  2. Awwwww...never in my whole lifetime have I ever seen a pine 'weeping'