Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Next in Line are Apples

I dried my last four peaches and this batch will be enough to make either a pie or a cobbler early next year. I'm "Peached OUT!"
I have made two batches of dried peaches, peach leather, one bagful of frozen pieces, one peach bread loaf, two peach pies and three peach cobblers. My brother makes the jams. 

Next will be APPLES! I love making and freezing applesauce and having apple pies, apple cakes and baked apples always available to eat during the season and saving some for the year to come. Then there is the cider haul from our nearby and wonderful orchard where we get the apples and pumpkins too. This is one of last year's purchases.
In the autumn I always think it is my favorite season - then in the spring I change my mind and believe it to be my favorite season. Do you think like me about the seasons?
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  1. I think Fall is best, with Spring coming in a close 2nd.

    I love working with apples.
    Now, to be honest, I don't think I've ever had PEACH bread before.

  2. I know I never have had peach bread. That would make for an interesting Italian sub. As far as the seasons go I like Spring because it signals the end of Winter. Summer is fine except for excessive heat and humidity. And the first part of Fall is quite nice because of the comfortable weather and the color, but you know Winter is just around the corner (connah?)
    There I've tap danced around your question, not giving a definitive answer. I should get into politics.