Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Apple Project Number 2

Four utensils, five apples and a cutting board on the dining room table were evidence this morning that something was in the works for an upcoming tasty dessert. Because the recipe (one that my daughter gave me many years ago) called for six medium apples, I adjusted it to three smallish and two very large ones. You should know by now that I don't always follow directions to the word.
Again, we both had our share of nibbles as I prepared the apples.
The blending of the dry ingredients is also accomplished when I'm in my seat at the table. It's easier that way.
The aroma is marvelous when the dish is pulled hot out of the oven and set on the countertop rack to cool.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to APPLE CRISP!
Come on over and I'll share. You know you'd like a taste! 
Please click on image to view larger

(The cinnamon and nutmeg are teaspoons, not tablespoon measurements, as I know this but you might not, according to my handwriting on the card.) I used dark brown sugar because it was what I had and prefer in my baking. Also, after 35 minutes I didn't see any juice bubbling up so I sprinkled a cup of water over it and baked it for 15 more minutes. That did the trick! It was perfect, believe me~ no cream or ice cream needed!


  1. Yummy. I'll have to try this one. Thanks.

  2. I'd prefer the crisp WITHOUT or otherwise. Just warm apple crisp. Now I think I will have to make some!! (I also slice my appke very thinly & microwave 'em to cook until soft...then pour on pressed dry mixture & top with more...microwave the crisp for 10 minutes) No heat in kitchen from conventional oven during the summer/warm autumn days!