Friday, September 1, 2017

Seasonal Change

While waiting for the Flamin' Fury peaches to ripen a bit more so I can make the peach bread, I performed the changing of the attire on James. He has had his annual wood preservative treatment and was ready to be dressed for autumn.
There hasn't been a single hummingbird come to the feeder today. There were only 3 that visited yesterday. They have left and that is a sure sign of seasonal change. I'll leave the feeder out there in case a slowpoke comes by. Informational link regarding their migration is below if you would like to read more.

The annual cleaning and servicing of our propane heater was done this morning. It is a very necessary expense. This heater is our only source of heat in the cold season and has been providing our warmth since November 1, 1997 when it was installed. That is almost 20 years of wonderful product performance! 

The township road department is grading our lake road this morning. The raking is causing severe dusting of everything all around us. It has to be done, but this is not a fun time here. When they are finished they will put down a solution to control the dust but it is already too late to save us from it. I thought the tracks left by their first pass were interesting anyway. 
please click on image to view larger

Here is the link to more information regarding Hummingbird migration.

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