Monday, July 10, 2017

Sunday Crusin' at the Lake

I have so much to write but will try to spread it out over several days. First of all, I love my new ride. I drove to a friend's home around the bend and then went all around the lake, taking pictures of flowers. I have to re-hone my skills because it's been a while since I've taken wild and garden flower pictures. Here is a SMALL selection of what I found yesterday.  Later in the day, some good pictures were taken when family members visited. I'll post them tomorrow.
Bee Balm
Honeysuckle berries (poisonous)
Tiger Lily
Large Blue and Norway Spruce
Trees are loaded with pine cones
Foxglove a/k/a Digitalis
My Wildflower Bouquet
Bird's-foot Trefoil
White Daisy
Queen Anne's Lace
please click on image to see the real beauty


  1. I was raised in Indiana and I miss all the wild flowers, we don't have them in the desert. Maybe I should say that you can't pick the ones that we do have in the desert. Anything green becomes a home to thousands of tiny creatures. When our daughter was little she picked me a bouquet. I noticed there was tiny life in it, so I took it outside and gave it a spray with bug killer, then brought it back in. An hour later my counter was literally covered in tiny bugs. That was the end of my desert bouquets, LOL. Thank God for the invention of irrigation, without it we couldn't have lawns, flowers and gardens in this desert. It has turned the desert to farmland :)
    Have a happy day and thanks for sharing your lovely wildflowers. So pretty.
    Connie :)

  2., so gorgeous. The Blue Spruce [Colorado's native tree] is awesome. I haven't seen them in ages.
    And the foxglove is stunning. Your wildflower bouquet is so nice. I never thought of picking the flowers...maybe I'm gonna have to do that next time I'm out.