Monday, July 24, 2017

Nature after Rainstorms

There is horrendous damage here is the NE tier of Pennsylvania due to heavy rainstorms. Our daughter had her flowerbed mulch and plants wash down to her front door. Her husband had mud and debris flow into his garage where he does mechanical repairs. Their cellar was flooded with the mud and water. The koi fish pond overflowed. The roadway above their home discharged right onto their property as the water ran downhill.  I just read about many others in our area and it is awful for everyone who has damage.

Meanwhile, back here at the lake, the grass is green and the drains and catchbasins near our place are running well. The water behind the cabin in the ditch was almost touching the bottom log, but we were lucky this time. Up the road from us there was an area of flooding from the hillside and across the lakefronts into the lake, but it wasn't really too severe compared to other places in our area. We have had heavy and lasting downpours three days in a row.

I wandered out and took some pictures Monday morning. The Joe Pye Weed is doing very well at the beach edge. My Fuschia plant is happy that it isn't too hot. The Seedum promises to grow higher, heavier and topple over again as usual in the fall, and the little rose plant enjoys the daily bath it seems and even holds water in its petals. The humming birds are very busy and territorial now as they vie for the prime seat at the feeder for a sweet drink.
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I will show you my friendly Tiger Swallowtail drinking at the Milk Thistle another day. I took many pictures of it as I took a drive in the golf car. That is a great way for me to get around now.

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