Saturday, July 1, 2017

Fishing Family

Our grandson has been an avid fisherman since he was a very young child. His mother loves fishing, as almost all of our other children and grandchildren do. The Mister and his mother did as well. Today the Mister caught only a couple of sunnies and one crappy from the spillway abutment. Last night our grandson and his girlfriend caught a few. They came in late and I almost missed taking a picture. The boat battery was put back on charge.
They went out this late morning and caught a few bass. Then it rained very hard, thunder and lightning chased them back to shore. We had lunch consisting of baked macaroni, cole slaw, sweet sausage with peppers and onions and chocolate bundt cake. After the rain stopped, they went fishing again and are still out there as I write. I see more successful results as I look out on the lake. Catch and release is what they do, but first come to shore for pictures. Today the lake competition started for the heaviest bass over 12 inches long caught. The volunteer weighmaster person was put to work and there is a chance one of their fish will be the winner. The contest is over tomorrow at noon so we won't know until after then. The Mister has won the perpetual trophy and the grandson has as well, years ago. It's fun for them to compete but all they really care about is the sport.
SEE? I told you fishing runs in the family. This is my great grandfather, James and his son-in-law, my grandfather Aurelius. (DATE UNKNOWN)
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  1. I used to be an avid freshwater fisherman then my fishing buddy moved to Cape Cod so I would go down once a month for a weekend. We went mainly for rainbow trout as there are many ponds down there stocked with rainbows. I do miss sitting in our little boat on a small pond just cracking wise and laughing ourselves silly. There may have been some beer involved along with giant submarine sandwiches made from a local bakery deli around here. It was always a request, "Bring down some Lacasia's bread."
    I particularly like the first picture.
    I think I am back on a more regular basis.

  2. By the way the scallop dinner was mine. I had them first two years ago. I can't describe how delicious they are. It was wonderful to eat that meal as we watched the sun go down over the harbor. Just magical.