Saturday, July 15, 2017

Enjoying Nature on a Short Rideabout

The threat of more rain and fear of not having a fully charged battery is the reason for a short ride today. The hillsides (and private properties) are covered with tiger lilies.
I was invited to take pictures of a neighbor's cultivated ones too and roam on his property to my heart's content. Nice guy! He has a huge hummingbird flowering vine growing from the ground way up to his deck railing. There are also many beautiful varieties of lilies there. Across the road from his house in the hedgerow I spotted a wild asparagus plant with the two ferny fronds swaying in the light breeze.  It was pretty to watch. It helps to know that the foliage all stems from the central stalk, which was the asparagus spear. Too late to cut to eat!
As I rode along I spied bindweed flowers among the crown vetch which grows along the ditches and field edges. 
Another neighbor's Bee Balm was flourishing along his fence.
Before returning to the cabin I took a picture of a spruce tree that I planted by the side of my horse barn in the 1970's. It was just a tiny seedling then. If you look closely at the left side you can see the barn standing in the overgrown weeds. The lower pasture was sold by an owner after we left, and a house was built there; brought back memories. 
please click on image to view larger
P.S. I found a pretty hubcap and brought it home.
Why? Just because.