Saturday, July 8, 2017

Call me Crazy

Made a decision to get around better. My recent "artwork" keeps me indoors and the sun is shining and the air is just right and I need to get away from the computer more often. Now I will find flowers and fauna to photograph while moving here and there without serious difficulty. I'll save up ideas to create for the winter. The two creations I just made will justify the new thing in the yard. I was getting out of hand. I may still bake, though. Maybe.
Keeping it SIMPLE! Less is MORE!
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  1. Ok you're crazy but I do like your artwork and I like where you live. I find the computer more interesting than television but I find I have to pry myself away from it.
    I have been blogging for about 9 years and sometimes I wonder if I've run out of gas blogging-wise.

    What program do you use for your artwork? You can answer on my blog.

  2. Love the owls, naturally [they don't call me HOOTIN' Anni for nuttin']

    Love your new ride. I love driving these by the way...they're fun.