Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday Golf Car Ride

Sometimes I just take pictures and sometimes I bring something home on my ride around the lake.

Today I cut off a huge head of dill seeds that have turned from green to brown just before they would naturally fall from the plant. I put the head in a small brown bag to dry further and then I shall shake the bag and reap the seeds. There are many dill seed recipes you can find on the internet.

Dill seed information: (copy and paste link below to read more)

"Dill seed is good sprinkled over casseroles before baking and used in salad dressings. Dill seed is spice-like; the seeds have a stronger flavor than the weed. They can be used in breads, stews, rices, root vegetable dishes and most notable, the making of pickles."

I spotted a field full of teasel that I had missed on previous rides. They are so pretty in color and shape - especially the shape in Autumn. The dried heads make wonderful craft critters and the entire head and stem are nice to use in arrangements either natural or sprayed. Wear gloves when you cut them down, though, and be sure to rub off the picky stems as well. The pictures below show them just starting to bloom.
The Goldenrod are opening now as you can see it in with the teasel.
Deep in the woods I spotted a Rose of Sharon bush. Bees sure like them too! I wonder how it grew in that particular spot; no home in sight.
Wild Phlox are just starting to open. I saw hundreds of them just ready to bloom and found these in a sunny area. Phlox have five petals. Some folk call these Sweet William and many are cultivated.
I stopped and studied the old tree. There was a little bird hopping in and out of the holes but he turned his back on me when I tried to catch his image. I like the leaf shadows on the limb. I love old trees and how they shelter so many animals and birds through the years.
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Teasel Information Link
Teasel Craft Link

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  1. I know very little about plants. My daughter Deb and son Gerald are the ones with the green thumb.I think most of my children have survivor skills and know how to survive in the wild. Not e I don't know a plant from a weed.