Thursday, September 17, 2015

WOW Red....

Last week these fire-red tall plant tops grabbed my eye the first time I drove past them. The street is quite heavily traveled so I didn't stop but wanted to. Then I passed them again two more times and became frustrated - very frustrated. They called to me with a SHOUT! "TAKE MY PICTURE!"

Today I turned into the driveway of the house that was behind the flower bed and got my close up look - with the camera. The house was quite old and a bit neglected in appearance as was the flower bed in front. I took my pictures and skedaddled on down the road. Sure wish I had nerve to go right up to the front door, knock, and ask for the name of this plant. There were two.  I can see they started out with dark leaves, and were taller than my knee. One was farther along turning red than the other. I have NOT enhanced their color at all. They may be a variety of Coleus but I have never ever seen such red.
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