Friday, September 4, 2015

Fields of Gold and More

We made our weekly 16 mile trip out to the farm market for more corn. On the drive I saw many fields all aglow with beautiful Goldenrod. The Mister said he’d try to find a driveway or road to pull off so I could take some pictures for my Photo Phrenzy! 

A gray gravely drive was the one he chose. It had a gate after going a few feet, but it was a safe place for me to get out and do my thing. So I did.
I walked up and took several pictures. Then I became bolder and slipped through the gate that was supposed to be kept locked at all times. There wasn’t a soul around, so off I went. 

He, of course, stayed in the car fiddling with the radio I presume. When I was walking I kept seeing several 6 inch long dark piles with many seeds every few yards.  
Black bear scat with fruit seeds

I thought I knew what the piles were so I hightailed outta there! (After taking the above pictures, of course.)

 I read all about the scoop on poop when we returned and think I could have been in danger!!  Nah! He must have had a bad tummy ache and wouldn't have been hungry for me.  Anyway, the next time I'll cross that bridge if I come to it.
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  1. Well I have to say you've broken new ground in the field of photography. I don't know anybody who has posted these types of pictures. I could go on and on with a few choice comments which I am thinking of but I won't. It doesn't mean I'm not thinking of them. If this was back on Spaces I would let loose but this is a different crowd. Still it does expand on the old line about a bear and where he or she do their business.