Saturday, September 19, 2015


Well not too many people would get so excited about buying a freezer. Well I am DELIGHTED that we now have one and can start filling it. (Macoun apples are almost ready at the orchard! AND the cider can be frozen!!)

Years ago we had one and it was old and it lasted for many years in the same spot where the new one now sits. We had moved it from the "big" house across the lake to the carport and it was well-used and usually full. When it died we had to pay to have it hauled away! I have missed it. 

Now I won't have to worry about power outages either! About 45 years ago we had a large deep chest freezer fail when we went to the seashore for one week. It was located in the basement of the house. When we returned we had suffered the loss of its entire contents which included 1/2 a hog and a lot of venison and garden vegetables. I don't think you imagine what a difficult cleanup we had - even if you have ever had a freezer fail. STINK!!! Bloody mess. IN THE CELLAR! NO FOOD! At the time we had a family of eight. 

That is one of the reasons I am a happy lady today. 

AND it locks - so the bears can't break in!


  1. A half a hog!I Well you certainly lead a different life than I do, though the older I get the less I like living in a suburb of a big city. The rural life is becoming more appealing to me. If I do move it still wouldn't be for some years.
    Good luck with your new freezer. All I have in my little freezer are 3, year old English muffins and maybe some ice cubes. Dems good eatin'!
    A half a hog !!