Sunday, September 27, 2015


Today we went for another ride through the countryside and to the town of Binghamton, NY to see if I could find the Sharpie markers I want to use in my craft and notecard projects; gold and bronze and silver metallic ones. I found them - four to a pack - at $7.99 a pack! I bought two! Splurged! Then we went another store to find a long handled stainless steel kitchen spoon without slots. Mine fell down from its hook and landed between the wall and the hot water heater when the repairmen were here on August 3. I just missed it! It is irretrievable because the bent over part at the end of the handle is stuck on something and just can’t be released. No, the heater can’t be moved. Found one! Costly! Necessary to use when making big kettles of stews and soups and applesauce, of course.

A fun walk through the Goodwill store resulted in two wonderful finds. A willow-wicker handled basket in new and perfect condition. It is 16 inches in diameter and 16 inches tall to the handle.  $1.98!

The BEST FIND of the day was a brand new Wilton Dimensions Multi Cavity Cupcake Pan! The Mister didn’t believe me when I said I wanted this pan. I have cup cake pans, but nothing like this one. The blue sticker had a price of $5.98. BUT! blue stickers were 1/2 price today. $2.98! See why I had to have it! I found this info on the internet.

“The multi-cavity Wilton baking pan allows for top and bottom half baking, for tasty double-layer cupcakes! Bake a unique and beautiful cupcake before you decorate, with the multi-cavity cupcake pan which offers you cavities shaped like the top and bottom of a cupcake so you can create unique and delicious layered cupcakes. Just allow the pieces to cook and assemble them with icing, frosting, filling, and more.” 

I never even knew such a pan existed. I’m not at all savvy about new-fangled things because my old ones work very well.

And I did take pictures...after we returned home. The leaves weren't at all pretty enough for me today.
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  1. Layered cupcakes! Wow!

    I've noticed that Goodwill stores usually have a surplus of baskets.