Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Out for a Penny

Once in a while I spill my penny pot and my nickel and dime pot onto the dining room table and roll the coins in wrappers to cash in at the bank. (Quarters are saved for the laundromat.) I do this when the two small containers are full and can contain no more. The process usually totals about $20.00! It has been a habit for years to save pennies and loose change for a rainy day - IT IS A VERY RAINY DAY TODAY!
Ceramic penny pot made many years ago by son, Charles  1957-1994
Quite often I find a wheat penny in the mix but today I found one I have never seen before. After research I learned that it is called the "Formative Years" and it is one of a series of four. 

"Many collectors are not aware of the fact that in 2009 the U.S. Mints produced four different reverse side designs on the Lincoln cent, commemorating the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, and various aspects of his lifetime and career.  A depiction of his log cabin birthplace in Kentucky is known as the “Early Childhood” reverse.  The “Formative Years” reverse shows Abe reading a book while taking a break from rail splitting, a way young strong men made money then by selling the rails to the westward advancing railroads.  The third design features young Lincoln in front of the Illinois State House, where he practiced law and became familiar with the world of politics.  The final design shows the unfinished U.S. Capitol rotunda in 1865 Washington D.C., the year of Lincoln’s assassination at Ford’s Theatre.  Many feel the design and original photograph from 1865 symbolize the unfinished nature of Lincoln’s later term, after his “Emancipation Proclamation” was issued, but before the actual end of the Civil War protesting equality."
This is the one I found.
The pot is now totally empty except for an unfinished tube of 49 pennies waiting for the final one to finish filling. How funny that my final tube has only 49 pennies because of this odd one! I have to save it for just one more penny! AND....yes, when I see one on the ground I do pick it up - every time no matter whether it's heads or tails. You never know when you need a penny!


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  1. what a neat find!! i picked up a penny just the other night. :)