Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Weekend

The Sedum plants around the front of the cabin are very pink today. Last year at this time we had to cut some down because they were so tall, with heavy heads and falling over. When we returned from SC early November they had totally turned purple. This year I can watch the entire transformation!
My brother brought a large dishpan filled with wild and ripe plums. He said they are very abundant this year and will pick more. I selected a few to make the "leather" as I did last year. It was so goooood! They have been cooked for a short while and now I'll slip the skins and pit them and cook them down more for the leather slurry.
Tomorrow I'll bake the rich chocolate pound cake in the bundt pan to have for the Mister's 80th birthday. He is a dark chocolate lover so I'll glaze it with chocolate fudge and serve it with dark chocolate ice cream. Sounds good?
So what's up for YOUR Labor Day Weekend?
The holiday was created in 1882 to give working individuals a guaranteed day off. Despite the holiday being established for a day or rest, most retailers still operate as normal and parades, cookouts, camping and shopping are common on this entire weekend.


  1. Thanks for the recipe. Can't wait to try it. Happy Labor Day!

  2. Oh man that cake sounds right up my alley! I even like crushed walnuts on the frosting. Too hot here to turn on the oven, then again I have no reason to turn on the oven.
    Wild plums are fine except when they stay up late and play the music too loud.