Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Pineapple From Hawaii Video #2

This plant was rooted by me in December 2012. The top I saved came from a gift sent to us from a treasured friend who lives in Hawaii. The plant has a name. We call her "Pacifica." She lives in South Carolina and is lovingly cared for by another dear friend. 

It takes almost 3 years for a single pineapple to reach maturation.

Pineapple plants have really pretty flowers. 

The pineapple plant's flowers — which can vary from lavender to bright red produce berries that actually coalesce together around the fruit's core. So the pineapple fruit itself is actually a bunch of "fruitlets" fused together. 

Click on the gear icon to view in HD

We are hoping to have a fruit that will look like this one! 

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  1. Nice video! I once planted a potato. Not pretty.
    That plant gets around.