Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Many Years Ago

I have TONS - yes, TONS of old photos that my mother took and/or saved through the years. It is overwhelming.  I'm trying to save some via scans.

These two are "just found" favorites. 

Son "Chuck" died in 1994 car accident
Fishing runs in the family.

This photo is his Great Great Great Grandfather on left and his Great Great Grandfather on right with a big fish.

It is so very frustrating for me when the old photos are not marked with dates and places. It's also a good thing that I can recognize many of the faces still!
James Marshall Folkner b. 1844 and Aurelius Alva Drake b.1872
Big deal fish! All family around 1896 when my grandparents were first married.
It makes me wonder who was on hand at that family gathering to take this picture.

It also makes me wonder exactly which man caught this fish! and...what kind it was and where they were. 

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  1. I love the old stuff. I know I have more around myself, including of myself. I'm glad my parents took pictures. Keep showing them!

  2. Ty gma for shraring these always wonder bout fam tree