Saturday, September 5, 2015

It Is What It Is....

What is a blog? I consider it a web log. I always thought it was for writing and showing personal opinions, experiences, adventures, be they either sensational or mundane. I do it MY way. I write mostly for myself. I also consider it similar to a personal diary that I don't mind sharing. I know it is accessible to others. I'm not a journalist at all. I just like to put down my feelings and the content (with both writing and my photos) to show activities in my "old-age" stage. I am always curious about the world in which I love and live, therefore some of my posts and or photos may be off the wall or over the top. Sometimes my actions aren't conventional or discrete. Does it really matter? My blog is what I want it to be. I try to be honest and candid because I'm aware others may read it. I tell it like is is or was or how I think it will be. It is one of my tools for contact. Most of all, I LIKE putting my feelings, pictures and stories on the internet where they may remain "forever." I also hope they just might inform or educate a reader. The interactivity may be a small part of the fun for me. I am not really a very social person. This way of reaching out to others is worth the results of being able to read opinions, and writings that are so interesting and informative from the blogging world. Before doing this I had no idea of how the minds, thoughts, and activities could produce such beauty in art, photography, insight and understanding. What talents would lay hidden if we didn't have the internet to show them?

Conclusion - Perhaps I could better spend my time reading what others post and learning from other's experiences. Being just an observer or follower could be a better choice. Maybe a hard copy journal would be a more sensible method for documentation of my past and present life. I'll think about it. Not for too long, though. This toilet paper is at the end of the roll!


  1. each person finds their own style and their own way. do what makes you happy.

  2. People use blogs for many different reasons. A running diary of their daily lives. It's a means of self expression that I became fascinated with about 8 years ago and it's put me in contact with people all over the country and the world, especially back in the days of Spaces. Most came over here when Spaces shut down, but the majority of those have disappeared.
    Thanks for reminding me, I have to buy toilet paper. One of the major necessities of life.