Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Party is Over...

And autumn is marching in....

The "dock doctors"were here planning stabilization of our dock for the winter.
Engineer John and grandson Alex will fix it soon.
The poop machines that roost above in the tree that the rowboat is tied to - did their "thing."
We have SEEN the eagles up there!
We have also seen the herons up there! 
We need a heavy rain to wash the boat.
I took a walk up to the old rock garden that my mother had planted over 50 years ago. Most of the flowers and other plants have died out but these have survived very well.
The Tansy is going to seed and I love the foliage of this plant.
No need to save seeds - it is abundant here.
Lily of the Valley is producing its fruit.
No need to save these seeds - the plant is all about the property.
I picked a few for indoor bouquet color.
I am saving hundreds of these little seeds.
This is the Musk Mallow wildflower.
James awaits his autumn attire...
Please click on image to view larger!


  1. Someday I will live in a place as you do. I am tiring of city life. Maybe New Hampshire. It's not that far away and there are less people. There are as many people in that state as there are in Boston daily.
    Very nice shots! I will bring my camera next week though I think I have photographed so many things "down there" that I can't think of anything else to take pictures of. Then again I am a sucker for the sunrise and sunset shots even though I have taken many over the last 5 years. They still take my breath away.

  2. Nice pictures, but I'm waiting to see the Fall in James!

  3. So that's a musk mallow! I took a picture of one in Maryland and didn't know the name. So thanks!

  4. aahhhh...the end of summer. it's been a good one. wasn't the rain last night grand?