Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sun Flowers Galore

My NJ quasi-sister, Jen, is a marvelous photographer and she allows me to have many of her photos to look at as often as I'd like to, and doesn't mind if I share them once in a while.

She just took some sunflower pictures at a farm near her home in NJ and I love them too, so here they are! Her two other quasi sister friends are also fine photographers and they went with her for a "shoot."


  1. Wow! Those are GIANT sunflowers!!!! We just have small sunflowers around here!

  2. I was able to get here. I will have to bookmark cause when I try otherwise it won't allow me to read your blog.
    Love the photos. I haven't seen a sunflower field in years. It is nice to see like smiling faces.

  3. beautiful. And the photos are just filled with tranquility and happiness!!!