Sunday, August 25, 2013

Local Highlight

For many many years, did I say many? the Harford Fair was THE place to go just before school started back for my kids. And their friends. And me and mine all. Now it has changed so much I just can't even imagine attending. Crowds irritate me now. I've become as resistant to change as any person you might know. Why? I just don't comprehend it myself. I used to love the fair. I also entered many of my projects and slept in a tent and even a horse barn stall. I showed my horses and my kids showed their 4-H project work. I, in my time of being the 4-H County Youth Coordinator had access to the fairgrounds, buildings and arenas for a good number of events and activities that I was managing. I was on the fair committee for several years and attended meetings. Now I have no interest in going there and it just might be due to the multiple changes and progression and improvements that have taken place. It's been 15 years since I have attended. I once entered some items in 2003 but I had a friend take them to be entered and then pick them up after fair was over. The premium awards and ribbons didn't help to change my mind about going back.

Today I experienced the fair this year and last year. It has a Facebook page now and I spent about 2 hours reading everything posted and looking at ALL of the pictures. I was quite shocked at the changes, both in how people dress, act and what really goes on there now. I'll attend via internet next year.  It works for me. I've moved on.

Today's Fairgrounds

PR Blurb on Facebook page.

"Nestled in the rolling Endless Mountains of Susquehanna County is the village of Harford whose residents enjoy a simple, quiet existence except for the third full week of August when approximately 65,000 people come to celebrate a long-standing tradition, the Harford Fair. This fair is one of the few truly agricultural country fairs which exist today. What began in November, 1858 with a one-day event in small sheds around the church has grown consistently to a six-day event with 23 different departments providing opportunities for young and old alike to exhibit handcrafts, agricultural items, fruits, vegetables, baked goods, animals, photography and art work. There are arena events, amusements, commercial displays, and foods of all kinds. Throughout fair week a variety of different acts perform in the Shade Pavilion providing constant entertainment in a comfortable seated area. At the north end of the fairgrounds there are daily equestrian shows and in the North Arena a free specialty animal act performs multiple times throughout each day. The parking is always free, the gate admission is only $6.00 for children 12 and older, and there is always some free seating for the shows in the grandstands."


  1. There is just something nice about being at home and the peace and quiet there that no ribbon can replace.

  2. I think it's all part of trying to make life simpler. I know I'm trying to do the same.
    That's quite a fair!