Friday, August 30, 2013

Bug of Last Year -Dead and Gone

I guess I never showed you my prize! After we spray all around the trailer in the campground, the spiders that have their homes located under the flap over the skirting drop down. I get my trusty glass jar and just let the critter dropping down be aimed right into it.  Over the years I have found MANY! These could cause great harm to anyone coming in contact with them, especially our good friend, the young man who services our AC/heat pump twice a year. He goes under there to check on all of the pipes, etc. 

Well here you go! Yes, I did kill these, every one of them. 


  1. Oh! I missed the Bug of the Year program. Was It on HBO?

  2. I'm sorry. I meant Bug of Last Year.

  3. Hi again...I'm not sure if this is your main blog since you haven't posted anything in over a week. But know your comments you leave for me are appreciated and I love having you visit with me!!