Thursday, August 22, 2013

Almost September and Departure

An overview of things here around Lake Chrisann. In July, a new bean sprout appeared after the first one died in May after being put outdoors too soon. The new one won't be mature enough to produce a giant bean that came from it's mother seed because there isn't enough time before Jack Frost strikes it down. I'll just have to try again next year. 

James is aging just fine after his surgery and I might be able to dress him again this winter. (See previous blog.)
 August James
August James

The wonderful seedum that surrounds the cabin is starting to turn to a lovely light pink and then will become a rich dark pink. I will miss it again! At least our daughter can pick some for her dried flower arrangements. When we return all growth will all have been struck dead and it will return next year. My husband will cut it down to the ground to overwinter.

The lake has been treated for pond weed. It was heavy this year and was treated late, due to the usual person who is licensed to apply it this year isn't doing applications and it was a bit difficult to find another to get the job done - without using any motorboats.

See the difference from May 2 to August 22?

Soon the lake will "turn over" as it usually does each Spring and Fall. This thermal stratification is necessary.

Now to top it all off, the blue heron came for a visit. I wasn't prepared for him and was indoors making lunch and took these through the double paned door window, wearing the "wrong" eyeglasses for taking pictures!  Isn't he lovely, though?


  1. I love sedum. The butterflies that are attracted to it are beautiful too.

  2. My timed it perfectly for capturing the heron on take off!!! That is a difficult step/task to take and have it come out as beautifully as yours!!! Kudos!!

    LOVE James by the way.

  3. I love where you are living. Though I love where I live, it's never really totally quiet. Your place looks like a wonderfully tranquil getaway. Great pictures.
    Lake turnover aroused my curiosity so I clicked the link. Very interesting though I had an idea of what it meant but not how or when or why it happened.