Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer's Ending

The cooling down process has's Mother Nature's way. When I woke up this morning, the sun was shining in my bedroom window and my feet were cold. I don't have my winter blankets on the bed yet. You can bet I'll dig them out and do it today! 

When I looked out the dining room window I saw the steam rising up from the lake. I then turned to see the thermometer that hangs on the carport pillar and the temperature was 42°! Yeow! This means the seasonal change is happening and it's only mid August. Maybe I don't remember things very well like this, but I do believe that it just might be a bit earlier than in the past years.  Yes, we have to put jackets and sweaters on in the evenings, but that is usually when it's "fairtime" here in my neck of the woods. The annual fair is always held during the third week of August. This year's 156th agricultural fair starts on August 19. For years I entered my crafts, my knitted and crocheted items, home baked and preserved foods and other objects, including horses but I have no interest now. Those award ribbons meant a lot at the time, but not anymore. It just ain't like it used to be. We actually used to sleep in a pup tent next to the horse barn during the fair! 

Well, I knew it was coming. It was cool in the cabin yesterday and I baked a batch of cookies. This morning "we" made a large meatloaf to be baked later for supper. When I say "we" I mean that I put all the mixin's in a large plastic dishpan and then sat back and watched them being squashed, kneaded and made into the large loaf. I'll bake it, slice it, serve it, store it, but simply am unable to mix it well anymore.  The bare hands method is the only way for a thorough mixing. Really. Usually I don't want help in the kitchen but do know when I need a bit.

Here are a few photos for you. Remember the green. It will be a while before it returns.

Click on picture for larger view

OOPS!  I was wrong about the steam rising from the lake! NO! "My" SC weatherman, Ed Piotrowski of WNEP explained it today and I've learned something new. 
"Steam fog forms when relatively cool air moves over warm water. When the cool air mixes with the warm moist air over the water, the moist air cools until its humidity reaches 100% and fog forms."

Hurry! Get one while there is one! FREE!


  1. Oh my, those cookies look good!

  2. Wow! I love where you live being a city boy and all. Great pictures! Those cookies have forced me to put some coffee on a look for something sweet.

  3. I love where you live. Looks very cozy in the summer.

  4. Wow, your yard is so neatly manicured! Does your hubby do that, or do you tend to it, or is it a joint effort? Beautiful yard and plants!

  5. Cookies!?!!! You betcha. As for the seasonal temps....when I was growing up in the foothills of Colorado's Rocky Mountains, the August temps would be in the 40s early in the day quite often. And then all too soon freezing icy lakes. But always in September, there was an Indian Summer with such mild days it was the best time of year.

    Wishing I could have a lake on MY property!!!

  6. Oh Gere, I have tried to comment before on all your wonderful, interesting stories of real life and real nature - so many people get soooooooo busy they forget to notice the beauty in the world we live in, but not you.

    The meatloaf bit of your story made me so hungry - I bet your meatloaf is out of this world good.