Saturday, August 17, 2013

Corn Time Again

I'll bet you don't make a whole meal of just corn! We do. There's something about going to the local farmer's stand, seeing him drive up with his freshly picked vegetables, waiting for him to dump the ears from a burlap bag onto a milk crate table and picking out what you want. You can't get it fresher than that! 

This is the fourth, yes, I said fourth week in a row that corn and only corn was our entire supper. So delicious. Two for me, three for he. 

A couple of years ago I posted about our corn here in PA. If you want to know more, click on this link:

Did I say our corn supper was wonderful?


  1. Well I do like fresh corn and I do remember eating pretty much nothing but corn for supper when I was a kid. My teeth ain't what they used to be.

  2. That was our Friday meal growing up. My mom put a huge plate of corn in the middle of the table and we ate until we were full.
    The corn is wonderful this year. Joe and I have been eating corn every day for the last week. Of course that is just part of our meal as Joe would not be satisfied with corn alone.
    My neighbor, who comes from a family of farmers,told me how she cooks her corn. Put it in the microwave, in the husk, not peeled or opened and microwave it for approx. 3 minutes, depending on wattage. Cut off the end that came out of the ground and carefully remove the corn. It works: perfect corn, clean, no hair to remove, delicious.

  3. We love corn, too, and like "lindalb" have cooked it this way. I like my corn really tender, not crisp, and it's a great way to get lots of good butter onto my taste buds! I love all my green veggies a lot, and eat green and yellows 90% of the time, but in the summertime, Jersey corn moves to top of the list!