Monday, August 26, 2013

Next Year's Tomato Seeds

The seeds are drying and will be put in a paper envelope and then will be stored in a sealed waterproof container and placed in the freezer until next year.  They are sure to germinate. The process of fermenting them in their own juice for two weeks has been completed. They have been rinsed and drained and put on newspaper to dry. I also have separated them with a wooden toothpick. These seeds are few as the tomatoes have few seeds. They were reaped from the largest and sweetest tomatoes as I devoured them in the sandwiches that I love to be able to enjoy every year. I do share them so if anyone would like a few, just ask. They like lots of sun and must be staked as they will grow into a 6 ft. plant. The middle blossoms of a three-blossom branch must be plucked away as they appear and the suckers that grow between the main stems and the branches must also be plucked away. They shouldn't be planted near other tomato plantings as there is a chance they would be cross-pollinated and not remain the true heritage variety that they are. It's well worth the effort because of the harvest to follow.

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  1. My Dad always grew tomatoes in his garden but never from seeds. I'll never forget how delicious the tomato sauce was when made from freshly picked tomatoes.