Friday, August 9, 2013

Dear Deer

Again, I'm showing off photos that I didn't take but I'm compelled to show them anyway. My quasi sister, Jen, took these in her residential neighborhood in north NJ when riding in her car. She was visiting a friend and is NEVER without her camera. Now I know why! You should see her bird and other nature pictures! I'm trying to persuade her to blog because she's also a great writer, but she is an extremely busy lady and very involved in many areas.

Here goes..... Enjoy!!!

See what I mean?  And these are only a few of the pictures she took that day.


  1. Well you put my deer to shame! Wow! Aren't these GREAT???!!! You are right. She SHOULD have a blog! Isn't it nice of her to let you post them?!

    And might I say, "Two great minds...." :)

  2. WOW! Sounds like my photo projects...more of the I don't know what I'm doing though. Thanks for stopping by The Medicare Mom. Jody