Monday, December 19, 2022

My Last Hurrah For These!

I have been procrastinating for several weeks because I wanted to make a batch of cookies that I haven't done for many years. 2014 to be exact! Today I kicked my starter and did it! 144 cookies later (12 dozen) and totally whipped, I want to present these to you. Since I didn't have any colorful sparkles or squeezable icings, they are plain except for some raw sugar sprinkles. Have you ever had a Lorna Doone cookie? These are similar in flavor and texture. Yum!

Some of these just don't belong...
So I ate them!
After the big cleanup, I packed my 50 year old tools away for another day, another person to use. I will admit some of the recipes look good!
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  1. May I come over for a cup of decaf and............. a dozen or so cookies, with it? -smile-

    Amazing and delicious project. Who will get to enjoy them?


  2. That's a lot of work!! I think I would probably have several misshapen ones on purpose!! 😁

  3. My Mom had something similar and made the most delicious shortbread with them. Yum ❣❣❣