Saturday, December 24, 2022

Local Update

Kirk Van Zandbergen is the photographer who created these shots with his drone when in my town recently. They are amazing and so beautiful.  He is the owner at Van Zandbergen Photograph - Studied Industrial/Scientific Photography at Brooks Institute of Photography. The first photograph is named "Winter Solstice in Montrose Pennsylvania."  His prints are for sale by personal request. 
And now for my weather report. It wasn't as awful here as it could have been. The orchid photo is from yesterday. It is thriving well!
I took the thermometer pictures at 7am this morning. Quick shots! I trickled water from both kitchen and bathroom faucets to be sure although good heat tape is in action as usual every year. We didn't loose power! Today there is a windy situation, but it's not extreme. 
Well that's all for today. Maybe I'll just start my annual paper shredding project during the next few days. Old electric shredder long gone, so heavy duty scissors will be put to good use!

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  1. I love the orchid! It’s that magic window! Our low was minus 2. Way too cold for Millie and me!