Friday, December 9, 2022

Early Christmas Gift

Someone from across the Pacific Ocean has sent me a wonderful box full of cheeses and meats. The word must have gotten out that I'm the mouse slayer in the area. Well this is staying indoors and only being eaten by hungry humans. Wonderful surprise! There are also chocolate covered almonds, crackers and olives!  I sure love cheeses and these are soooo special.
I've been working on Christmas cards. I first created an image. I had to be sure to only use colors that would be functional by my failing printer. It only will print colors - no black. When I proceeded to change the empty black cartridge with a new replacement - it failed. I put the empty one back in and the color would print! I ordered another black cartridge and it too, wasn't recognized by the printer. Well, the color would work so that is how I created my card image. Would you believe that the XXX old printer then would print only 4 pages (4 images each one) with my brand new photo paper! Then it absolutely refused to print on photo paper and made lots of rattling noise. I finished off the project by printing a few sheets of 'regular paper' and am finished with this project. Yes, I know I need a new printer. Maybe.....after the holidays. This one has functioned fantastically for many years and I should NOT complain! I still can print all other documents on plain paper if I make the text be red, blue, or green. I'll use up the color cartridge and then decide what to do. The scanner still works fine! Never a dull moment down on this farm! My hand had a workout writing to and from addresses on the envelopes. 

"Make it do or do without!"


  1. At least you have the energy to get cards printed & sent. I haven't done this in years.

  2. I love it. Can you tell me where that came from? I’d like to send a package like that to my brother for Christmas. Paul R