Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Sent and Delivered with Love

Some very sweet, tart, chewy and cheesy gifts arrived here via special delivery! The hummingbird pewter ornament is an annual surprise chosen by a loving daughter and it hangs on the old ceramic tree beautifully. She also knows that the sugary fruit slices have been my favorite for many years. Just see the wonderful colors!

I admit to counting on a box of fruit-shaped Marzipan every year from another thoughtful daughter. I don't dare open it yet because I know it would be gone before Christmas day! It really would!  (tap image to view larger...)
And the cheeses!!!!! WOWIE! There are large cherries in the jam.  Do you think I have a sweet tooth and am a lover of cheese? There were  couple of other nice gifts that I have put away under the kitchen counter. Can you guess? The Mister and I used to share one of these every Christmas eve. Maybe I'll sip it from two special cups anyway. I did that last year. 

By the way, the little cookies I made yesterday are going fast. I'll have to hide some.

We lost power for over 10 hours overnight. The blinkin' clock woke me up at 11:30pm! Generator to the rescue. Yay!

REALLY cold coming. Wake me when it's over, OK?


  1. Even here it will be in the 20° range with wind chill in single digits for a couple of days. Hibernation comes to mind.
    Love the ornaments & great tasty treats in your mail!!

  2. I am glad you are having a wonderful holiday season, love ya mom!!!😉

  3. Having various troubles with commenting... Here I had to enter name and blog url, to do so.... but still no icon pic and no clickable link back to my blog

    oh well, you know who I am.

    lovely gifts! heart warming.... do the 2 cups thing.

    Happy Christmas

  4. Does it really help to hide cookies from oneself? Ha! I may have to try that. It seems to me you are already having a wonderful Christmas! Yay!