Sunday, December 4, 2022

Keep it Simple

Yes, it is simple and I now have comfortable feelings for the season. Over the many years of big real tree decorating, tons of sparkle and lighting, it really is enough to show just the remnants of 60+ years when it comes to Christmas decorating. A long time ago I gave one of my daughters all of the hand crocheted ornaments her grandmother made. Yesterday another daughter, living in another state sent images of her tree with the hand-painted ornaments I made for her through a few years, way back when....

Recently I have passed on some very simple ones that I made to a young neighbor. What started my thoughts about this is that I have finally completed my efforts to brighten my environment with my own. The crystal ornaments in the windows are ones that my brother made. They are a reflection of his talent and love of making glass art creations.
The tiny birdfeeder was created by my mother. It has held together for about 30 years!
In 1972 a dear friend was into glazing and decorating ceramic ware. She gave this tree to me and even signed it inside with the date. Last year the mice ate through the electric cord and that part was replaced by another close friend. This tree has been on display in my home every year for 50 years! I get goose bumps when I hold it. This year I decorated it with over a dozen pewter ornaments gifted to me by my daughter over the years. It shines brightly all day and all night for the entire month. 
The honey bear and cub are gifts from the same daughter.
The set of plastic deer family has been displayed for dozens of years. I'll wager that all of my kids remember them. They will also remember that I have made repairs to the buck's antlers several times as well.

I know that I'm just a sentimental being, but it is my nature and these memories are cherished and make me happy. It really doesn't take much. No elegance, no grandeur, just simply satisfying.

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  1. Keeping it simple is the best. You have definitely succeeded in your efforts to brighten your environment. Your brother’s crystal ornaments certainly add a touch of magic to your already oh-so-special kitchen windows. I love your ceramic tree and find myself wishing I could have one too. Hilltop Post

  2. Extraordinary!!! Each piece holds dear to the memories of your life. Which makes it all the better.

  3. I share your priorities. Happiness comes from within, and not the stuff we put on a Mantle piece

  4. Perfect.... Because all is just what you want and makes you happy. No better way to decorate and to remember./

    🎄 🎄 🎄

  5. Thank you for your comment.

    New blog coming and I will contact you.