Wednesday, December 14, 2022

Red and Wonderful

I received my first real Poinsettia as a gift last evening and it took my heart up a few notches. You see, my yard guy and his wife gave it to me, knowing that I don't like cut flowers and having no idea that I never had a live poinsettia plant before. 

I took many photos of it at different angles as it sat on the counter with the early morning sun. I tried no flash, flash, and all kinds of angles. Actually I had a good time shooting. Well, after culling most, I did keep a few. The next step was to create a digital image to send to my e-mail friends as I only sent out 21 "snail mail" cards this year. After a couple of hours I was satisfied and will now share with you. First, a selection of subject matter for experiments!

Then I cut, pasted, skewed, and made the creative piece. It took time. I didn't use any application except the Preview which came on my computer. Result below.
Next was to incorporate it into a greeting card for e-mail distribution. Finally I was satisfied, and sent them out.
This is for you, my friends.... I wish you all the very best!

P.S. BIG SNOW predicted tomorrow. Camera is ready!