Friday, June 24, 2022

Learning Along the Trip

Another buggy ride! The daisies and common ditch lilies are the flower of the week today!

Next I went to see the huge Catalpa tree that grows at a home at the neighboring lake. WOW! It sure is impressive. In my picture I see a bear, do you?
The homeowner told me he will clean up his porch and lawn with a leaf blower. He also gave me a fallen blossom to inspect so I did a closeup shot of it. How beautiful and delicate it is!
(I laid it on the black buggy seat to get the above image!)
And now the mystery plant. It is NOT asparagus and after a lot of research I cannot yet identify it. Perhaps after the buds open (IF they do??) I will give it a name.
tap on image to view larger


  1. The Catalpa blossom is lovely. My grandparents had a huge Catalpa tree on each side of their house...another memory from those bygone days. My younger brother and I used to race Catalpa worms up long 2 by 2s. :~)

  2. It's been decades since I have seen a catalog tree!!