Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Homesteading, My Version

Today I planted the spearmint clippings that I have been rooting in glasses of water in the window for about two weeks. That was E-Z-E! I like to add fresh leaves to my tea.

I used my vintage tool to dig and spread because I'm afraid to toddle up the ramp and into the shed to get trowels that I know are there.
Then I proceeded to decant the chive vinegar that has been sitting in the dark cupboard for over two weeks. I used a plastic strainer with a funnel to put it in the small tall glass bottle and found a cork to fit. It is good to have for salad dressings and several other dishes. 
It is satisfying to watch the ferns, that my mother had planted so many years ago, grow. They sure are pretty. The hosta is also doing very well.
I'm finished with my projects and a little porch sitting is now in order. Please tap on image to view larger.